Physical Therapy

Life Style Habits, Alternate medicines, & Drugs:

For treatment of Fibromyalgia there are medicines, alternate remedies, living styles that help to reduce pain and also help to get better sleep. Patient with Fibromyalgia disease suffers from symptoms of fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression. To treat these symptoms Fibromyalgia specialist recommend medication to relieve pain or prescribe them with antidepressants to get relieve from depression and anxiety symptoms. Moreover, Fibromyalgia specialist may also recommend their patients to reduce their stress and relax and also suggest them to get physical therapy and make a habit of regular aerobic exercise and they can also get moist heat treatment. These therapies help their patients that they will be able to self-manage their disease symptoms.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia is not only a “one pill” game a multidisciplinary procedure that includes both alternate living style strategies and medication seems to be most effective to treat symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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Exercise Therapy for Fibromyalgia:

Exercise is also considered as one of the most significant treatments for fibromyalgia. Patients suffering from Fibromyalgia symptoms are generally not physically fit. They don’t do exercise regularly because they are already suffering from fibromyalgia pain and they assume that their pain will increase in practicing exercise, but they are not aware of the fact that aerobic exercise or conditioning will actually help them to relieve their pain and depression. Biochemical explanation of this therapy is that body’s endorphins and natural painkillers production actually increases in doing regular exercise. This effect ultimately helps in reducing pain and also boosts up mood of patient. The pattern of practicing exercise should be such that patient can start slowly then gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise. This strategy will help patient to enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise without feeling much pain.

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Physical Therapy for Fibromyalgia:

Physical therapy basically focuses on the healing, treatment and prevention of disabilities or injuries. Pain and stiffness caused by fibromyalgia can be relieved through physical therapy. If a patient visits licensed physiotherapist on regular basis this practice can boost up confidence along with exercise and ultimately helps patient in relaxing tense muscles and patient will be able to know about his/her body condition and helpful movements as well. Moreover, physiotherapy helps in muscles recovery with the aid of “new” muscle memory and also through the changes brought about in neuroendocrine system in a very positive way. Physiotherapists guide their patients properly that how they should stretch their painful muscles so that they will get optimal relief from pain. They use slow stretching exercises which help patient to improve flexibility of muscles. They also guide patients about relaxation exercises that help them in reducing muscles tension. Furthermore use of hydrotherapy that includes treatment through moist heat or by using ice packs in combination with physical therapy will help patients in relieving pain even more.

Physiotherapy enables the patient to regain the control of illness. It’s because with the help of physiotherapy, patient will be able to focus more on changing life style habits rather than on chronic dysfunction. A proper body posture is required for efficient muscle functioning which will be guided by the physiotherapist and will ultimately help in getting relief of fatigue and pain.

How physical therapy helps in curing Fibromyalgia:

The study of body movements such as kinesiology and anatomy is the background of a licensed physical therapist. If a patient suffering from Fibromyalgia visits therapist then he/she should plan specified strengthening and stretching programs so that patient’s individual needs will be fulfilled.

As physical therapist work with patients from all age groups such as from infants to adults so they can provide with health services that help in restoring body’s normal function, pain relieving, improving mobility and also help in limiting or preventing permanent physical disabilities. Physiotherapist one-on-one working with people helps in restoring overall health and fitness.


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Role of Physical Therapy in relieving Fibromyalgia pain:

Although there is no known healing therapy of Fibromyalgia, physiotherapy basically helps in reducing pain symptoms. It also helps in reducing fatigue and stiffness. Along with exercise a wide range of resources are being used by physical therapist including deep tissue massage to heat and ice packs used for hydrotherapy. With the help of these strategies physiotherapist enable the patients to use their muscles including stretching of muscles to improve flexibility, and also help patients to practice range of motion exercises so that they will be able to move their joints as well.

It allows patients to work closely with a trained specialist who can guide and further design a specified Fibromyalgia treatment program. Furthermore, whether a patient is practicing properly good therapy habits, movement patterns, and alignments guided by therapist when he/she is doing exercises at home can be documented by the therapist which will help in evaluation of patient’s disease progress and treatment procedure.

Ultimately the goal of physiotherapy is to learn the specified treatment patterns and exercises which can be practiced by the patient on daily basis or as needed.

Significance of Hydrotherapy used by Physical Therapist:

When hydrotherapy is used with moist heat or cold packs it actually works by stimulating the healing force of patient’s body. For example, cold compresses help in reducing swelling of patient’s body by constriction of blood vessels. On the other hand, moist and warm compressors when used on painful areas of patient’s body help in dilating blood vessels. It results in increase of blood flow, nutrients, oxygen and also speed up the removal of toxins from body.

Hydrotherapy plays a significant role in relieving all types of pain, together with fibromyalgia pain. To reduce the pain caused by an injury, such as a strain or sprain cold compresses play an important role. Furthermore, to treat Fibromyalgia’s chronic muscle pain or trigger point pain moist heat therapy can be used. For this purpose moist heating pad, warm and damp towel, or a hydro collator pack can be used. Patient can also sit or stand on a stool in the shower and allow warm water to hit the painful areas on the body.

Physical therapist may also suggest that patient can take moist heat treatment for a few minutes just before and after stretching and aerobic exercise. Practicing this therapy makes the exercise more effective and less painful. Moist heat treatment should be used by patient twice a day for about 15 minutes each time, to decrease Fibromyalgia pain. To get the more benefit some patients with fibromyalgia also practice ice compresses along with the moist heat treatment.

Other Strategies used by Physical Therapist for Fibromyalgia Treatment:

Physical therapist may also use different types of strategies for treatment of Fibromyalgia patients such as: low-impact aerobic conditioning or water aerobics, stretching and strengthening exercises, Ultrasound , deep tissue massage, pain relieving exercises, TENS units which is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy.

Finding a Licensed Physical Therapist:

Patient should first check whether his/her health care plan will cover visits when he/she is looking for a physiotherapist. Physical therapists can also be searched through the lists of providers issued by many health insurance companies. Next, patient should look for a trained professional, with a proper license. Patient can also take suggestion from health professionals or can take suggestion from friends or family members who visit physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists can be searched in many places, such as: hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, fitness facilities, home health agencies, nursing homes, and in outpatient clinics.

Fibromyalgia pain Vs. Arthritis Pain:

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia seem to be similar to bursitis, arthritis and tendinitis. As a result some specialist grouped fibromyalgia along with arthritis and other related diseases. The pain caused due to arthritis or other related disorders is commonly localized to single area, although the stiffness and pain caused due to fibromyalgia is very widespread and it usually results in morning stiffness, deep muscle pain, and also painful tender points that causes difficulty for the patient to be physically active or to do exercise.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia Fatigue:

Fatigue is also considered a key symptom of Fibromyalgia along with other symptoms such as painful tender points and deep muscle pain. Fatigue due to Fibromyalgia can be debilitating. Patient will feel weak and exhausted and solely bed rest will not help to get relieve. Patients with fibromyalgia reports to sleep for about eight to ten hours at night and still they feel that they didn’t sleep at all. Medications prescribed by specialist to treat fibromyalgia may help to ease the fatigue. Moreover, regular aerobic exercise can help to reduce fatigue, minimize pain, improve mood and improve quality of sleep as well.