Cure Fibromyalgia

New Research and Development for Fibromyalgia Cure:

Fibromyalgia Cure:

Recent researches results in the development of more effective therapies for fibromyalgia treatment. Some of which are discussed here:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

In this therapy patients are exposed to pure oxygen at a pressure higher (twice) than normal atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric therapy is commonly practiced to treat patients with burns, embolism, decompression sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning. But novel research has shown that use of this therapy to treat patients with fibromyalgia has also proved successful.

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Clinical Trials for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

Clinical trials were performed to check the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Participants were exposed to pure oxygen at a higher pressure than normal atmospheric pressure for the period of two months. After this participants were examined for the symptoms of disease.  Results showed the significant alterations in the participant’s brain activity. Furthermore 70% symptoms of fibromyalgia participants were also seemed to be reduced. In this clinical trial sixty women were involved who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia symptoms at least two years ago. Participants who completed the duration of treatment include half of 48 patients. These participants received almost 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments with duration of each treatment about 90 minutes exposure to pure oxygen at double atmospheric pressure than normal pressure for about five days of a week over the time period of two months.

This treatment proved to be very successful and it enabled participants to reduce drastically their pain symptoms and also results in elimination of use of pain medications. Based upon the findings researchers concluded that “Intake of medications to relive pain only help in easing fibromyalgia pain but don’t help to reverse the condition. However, hyperbaric oxygen therapy reversed the condition”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is basically designed to address the actual fibromyalgia cause. Researchers believe that some kind of brain pathology is responsible for the disease. It means that repair of brain such as neuronal regeneration is also possible even in case of long-lasting and chronic pain symptoms. It means patients can keep hope for development of future treatments of fibromyalgia. The researchers are conducting comprehensive studies regarding brain tissues renewal under hyperbaric conditions.

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Sleep-related treatment targets for fibromyalgia:

Most often fibromyalgia is associated with chronic pain with no clear source. Fibromyalgia patients frequently suffer from sleep problems. When patient’s brain wave patterns of deep sleep were examined it is observed that the wave pattern was disrupted that corresponds to wakefulness. To understand the emergence of abnormal wave patterns researches are conducted and published in Neurophysiology journal so that better treatment methodology can be suggested. The research team put their focus on the drug sodium oxybate reported for the improvement of sleep in fibromyalgia patients. Basically they put their focus on the molecular targets of the drug.

Researchers found out that if the alterations are made in the activity of the specific targets such as Potassium leak currents, GABAB currents, and hyperpolarization-activated thalamic currents it will help in restoring the normal sleep patterns of their models. Surprisingly it is also seen that alterations of just Potassium leak currents or hyperpolarization-activated thalamic currents also helped in restoring normal deep sleep wave patterns.

Researchers find out that the drugs that act on one of the mentioned targets in the patient’s thalamus, region associated with sleep regulation in brain is sufficient to prevent disrupted sleep patterns and also related adverse effects. As a result it will help in providing relief to patients with fibromyalgia. Moreover researchers added that as there is no animal model of fibromyalgia, so further findings and more working is needed to prove the efficacy and effectiveness of drugs.(1212)